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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Talk is Cheap.

Too exhausted to write after a long chitchat about money with Mr. X at Cosi tonight. So I entertain you with this:

Coconut Helmet Molly

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Drumroll please...

The boobs are worth $200 right there.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Checking In.

Bullet Points!

  • We were in The Inky last week and are selling lots and lots and lots of that signature cupcake (chocolate cake stuffed with bananas and vanilla buttercream frosted in chocolate). Personally, I don't get it. I don't get banana and chocolate. But others do and I ain't complaining.
  • I wore my super phenomenal dress to Amada for my belated birthday dinner. Perhaps I will post a picture if I get the guts.
  • We had to call security today, because, for the second time, a guy at The Circus freaked out on The Bassoonist and started yelling at her for no reason. Last week he called her a bitch.
  • The Moment of Truth was absolutely horrible. I mean, I knew it was going to be horrible, but it was doubly horrible. A train wreck with commercial breaks.
  • I'm starting to get antsy about finishing up this divorce thing. Come on already! We've talked about settlement and I'm pretty sure we both agree on stuff. So come on already let's get this signed and sealed. It's been almost two years. Let's move on.
  • SFG and I are in the very very early beginning stages of talking about getting a dog (was that noncommittal enough?)
  • The Bassoonist adopted a cat with cerebral palsy.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Lazy Blog Post of the Day.

I promise I'll write. Soon.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who Needs TV Writers When We've Got This?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Life Lesson #437.

Courtesy of the Wellington Zoo.

She's Back!

Sorry I haven't written. Got back on Tuesday morning. I was awakened to an email from the Inquirer that afternoon (we're in Market Basket next week!), then the Home Show hit and I've been crazed ever since! I even started selling ANZAC biscuits! No, I'm not on speed! I'm rejuvenated thankyouverymuch.

I had a super fantastic trip.* Did all sorts of cool stuff you can ask me about personally. I wouldn't want to bore y'all with the deets!

Divorce. Taxes. Cupcakes. Not only is it great material for a stand-up comedy act, it is my life for the next couple of months. It doesn't make such good blog fodder though, so you probably won't get much babbling from me.**

But it is my birthday on Tuesday and SFG and I, Mr. and Mrs. Dax and M & I are heading to Amada (I'd buy stock if it were public). And I will wear my new dress and hopefully not drop any paella on it. 33. Wish me luck.

* Pix will be posted on my Flickr account as soon as I find the right cords to import.
** Drunken blogging not withstanding.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back to Real World Philadelphia.

This evening I'll be on my way back feeling reenergized for work (30 hour plane ride not withstanding). I'm ready to face the Circus cretins and cater to their whinging and ridiculous requests again with a smile! Cheers!

Anyway, I really am feeling like I got a lot mentally accomplished on this trip. Going to redo the website, which is an absolute mess. Going to try and figure out how to do some travel-friendly packaging - perhaps with laminated heat sealed gusseted bags (see, I do sound like I know what I'm talking about!). Have got to get taxes done soon. Perhaps by the first week of February. Speaking of which, Valentine's Day is coming up and we did fabulously with the Pair of Hearts Cakes scheme. I think we will do this again.

And I must experiment with ANZAC biscuits. They are delicious; perhaps they'd sell with the Brit/protectorate set. See, the ideas keep coming...

Ready, Set, Go!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Don't Fear the Reaper.

1997: I return from London. Princess Diana dies 2 days later.
2003: In London for Christmas. Princess Margaret's bull terrier kills Queen Elizabeth's favorite corgi.
2008: In New Zealand on holiday. Sir Edmund Hillary passes at age 89.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christchurch is the Devil's Playground.

Martha and I jetsetted big time. We flew up down to Christchurch on Wednesday, had a barbie with The Bats, went to a Minisnap (aka Bats) show as Exclusive VIPers, spent the night and then spent the next day sightseeing and shopping.

I bought The Most Perfect Dress Ever at Andrea Moore. And I love it so so so much I'm not even having a panic attack over how much I paid for it. Because it's a classic. It will be passed down to the next generation of Veys, whomever they might be.

Here is the dress. The one on the right.

And then we came back to Wellington and the three of us drank 2 bottles of Martinborough rose and now I'm seriously paying for it this morning. But whatever. It's all in a day in the life of Paris or JLo or Princess Caroline. It is the cross that some of us just have to bear.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bringing The Heartland to GodZone. And Vice Versa.

I have been requested to cook something American. Not sure what to do, considering most things quintessentially American come from a can, bag, or jar (Rice-a-roni, Chef-Boy-R-Dee, Chicken Tonight) or are already ubiquitous the world over. You can be within spitting distance of Antarctica and still find yourself a nice bucket o' KFC.

Yesterday I bought six bottles of wine in Wairarapa with the hopes I'd be able to smuggle them back into the US without a fuss. I managed to do it with three bottles of whisky from Scotland last year and I'm praying that the customs gods are still on my side. Maybe I am pressing my luck.

Martha and I stalked Peter Jackson. Well, we drove past his house and managed to get a glimpse of some turrets, a railroad tunnel, a surveillance camera and some pretty impressive gates. Apparently he's got his own Neverland Ranch back there.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Wellington is breathtaking. Beautiful views everywhere you turn.

I finally have a bit of energy to write yet I have nothing clever to say because I'm still recovering from an acute case of jetlaghangoveritis, a rare condition that only occurs under the very specific conditions of travelling for 30 hours and then consuming three bottles of wine with two other people. I am a little under the weather. down under. here.

I am happy to report that - as expected - Martha is as fabulous in person as she is on her blog and she and her lovely family are the most gracious hosts ever. They have set up a wonderful room of my own, toted me around and fed me (last night a roasted lamb shank studded with anchovies and rosemary. Delicious. Tonight it was a feijoa juice/pear vodka cocktail which was perfectly Polynesian in my book. All it was missing was a little paper umbrella.). They have been simply wonderful.

Tomorrow we head out to Wairarapa to check out the vineyards of Martinborough (pronounced "Mahteenburuh" if I've got it right) and tool about like the classy folk we are. I can't wait! Pix will come!