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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sorry, Can't Stay Long!

Gotta pack for Amsterdam. Leaving tomorrow. Completely not caught up in cleaning apartment because I spent Friday night puking my guts out due to (a) turkey sausage, b) pork rillette, or c) stomach bug) and Saturday sleeping it off. Still have lots to do, but it's not like they don't have deodorant or socks in The Netherlands. Passport check! Bank card check! birth control check! contacts check!

Ok, I'm good.

P.S. Ernie is still not good. Still very stiff. We get his kidney test results tomorrow or Tuesday, but will take him to a vet internist when we get back either way. Vet said it could be very serious kidney disease. Nooo! Hope for the best!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


If the Eagles win the Superbowl, Philly will be raped and pillaged. Block by block. Trinity by trinity. Sidewalk crack by sidewalk crack until all that remains is molten lava spewing from the center of the earth onto the charred remains of Market and Broad. There will be looting, rioting, fires, floods, locusts and moaning one-legged whores. People in flames will be running around wildly, beseeching the mercy of William Penn and Edmund Bacon. Cars will be overturned, the "ee-ee-ee waah-waah-waah-oh-ohhhh-oh-ohhh" of their alarms crying like babies searching desperately for their mothers' swollen, milky teats. Extraordinarily poetic, in a Revelations sort of way.

The idea of a Superbowl win truly scares me. The car is currently packed with a few odds and ends to make it to the edges of the urban sprawl. I plan on making quick haste to the Bucks County house to hide in the shadows of the tennis court until the city calms itself down, when power is restored and the cell towers are re-uprighted. I will keep some nice vacuumed sealed soft cheese in the trunk until when and if such time comes. One must always be prepared for such times.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Think I Need A Vacation That Is Not Knoxville.

Ok, so now I realize I told you a few posts back about hiring a pr person. Lately SFG has been saying that I need Aricept because I keep forgetting things. I thought that was ridiculous; I merely wasn't listening to him on purpose!

In any event, I am a flaming ball of anxiety right now. There's no particular reason. Usually stuff really. And I'm sure a major reason is because I've been climbing the walls because SFG has been in Cali for a week and I've been fussing over a very sick little dog and doing not else much but working and watching crap t.v. besides. I had so much nervous energy tonight, that I went to the Canary for a couple of hours and cleaned.

I am nervous, fidgety, biting my nails like nobody's business. Not much appetite, butterflies in the stomach. And all the reasons why that are swirling around my head are so minute and petty that they don't even make sense for such a reaction. I will only indulge myself only so you can see how certifiable I truly am.

  • Business sucks.
  • Business sucks.
  • Business sucks.
  • My dog is sick.
  • My cat hates me.
  • I wish I could be more satisfied in my relationship.
  • I wish I were pretty.
  • I wish I weren't an anxious person.
  • I wish I had some money in the bank.
  • I wish I had a real job where someone else paid me on a regular basis.
  • I wish I had peers in my job rather than being the only steward of the whole damn ship.
  • I think I have Lyme now. or CFS. or Epstein-Barr.
  • I wish I had something to show for all of this anxiety I've contributed to the Universe! Har!
We will not speak of this again.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Night No Fever.

Ernie is feeling much better, I think. He's getting more energy, following me around the place, interested in his toys again. The doxy seems to be working. So much so, in fact, Ernie was so excited about feeling perkier, he peed on the bed when I went to wash my face last night. Yay!

He does get tired quickly.

(p.s. His eyes are always closed because my camera phone has a flash, but he is snoozing for real in this pic. Isn't his wrinkly l'il head obnoxiously cute?)

As for no fever, I am spending my Saturday night watching Dragons' Den On Demand (It beats Rock of Love Bus, right? Have I mentioned how freakin' great that show is?...), drinking zin, and chewing on the idea of hiring a pr firm to aid and abet The Canary. My Wharton person spied on my biggest competitor and they hired a pr person and they felt that it was an expensive investment and well worth it, so now I am seriously considering it. It's a lot of money, however, money that could go toward my own wages, so I am quite nervous, but it could be a sweet payoff...hmmm...ah decisions!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Dog on Drugs.

Mr. Ernesto has been on doxycycline for 24 hours now. Still inconclusive tests results, however the vet (finally) decided to put him on a tick-borne disease treatment plan of heavy antibiotics for one month.

Ahem...that was what I suggested to her two weeks ago, but no, 'it's just a bug'...ahem...I normally love this vet practice, but in this case, I felt that she didn't listen to me. All the signs and symptoms were there for tick disease (ok, maybe not Lyme specifically, but a lot of those tick sicknesses show similar, very vague symptoms), yet she still insisted that false negatives 'almost never happen', when in fact, they are relatively common in both people and dogs, according to numerous sources on the Internets. Ok, I realize I just lost 9/10ths of my credibility by writing 'according to numerous sources on the Internets,' but you've gotta believe me when I say tick disease is happens in this neck of the woods often enough. The point is I know my dog dammit! And he's not acting right!

In any event, I will cease complaining since I got what I wanted. Poor little dude was shivering again this afternoon so I gave him 1/2 Rimadyl for the fever and it seemed to help. He seems to be acting a little perkier, especially since I brought sushi home for him, Molly and me to share. He and I took a car ride to Whole Foods and the sushi joint and he was much more bright-eyed than he'd been in a while. Hopefully my intuition was right and the antibios will restore him to his formally normally puggy self. Poor little guy!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Poor Little Guy!

Ernie is sick again, or still sick, I guess I should say. But this time it's worse. Poor little dude has a fever and is shivering. I took him to the vet again today and she took blood to check for other tick-borne illnesses. I'm so worried! Hopefully he will be on antibiotics and feel better soon.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Southern Hospitality.

We are back from a brief stint visiting the 'rents in Knoxville. Tennessee, that is. No, I did not grow up in Knoxville. Here is Knoxville in a nutshell: chain stores and scary dogs. To be fair it does have one saving grace, deep fried pickles.

We did the 'ole Seinfeld in Florida trip: left Philly on Thursday afternoon, arrived Knoxville Friday afternoon, left Sunday morning, arrived Philly Monday afternoon. Short and sweet. Just like I like my boys and my coffee. Ha.

Aside from Ernie nearly getting eaten by a loose bull mastiff named Tank, things were pretty much same old. Did I mention the deep fried pickles? My mother gave SFG a Chinese medicine treatment (acupuncture and cupping). We drank Hendricks and tonics, played with the dogs, ate chicken fried steak (and deep fried pickles, but not at the same time, of course, now that would be overkill).

We changed the original name of our cream cheese frosted chocolate cupcake to 'Black Velvet' because I was so goddamnsickandtired of people asking for red velvet cake and then I explain to them we have chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting which is the same thing but it's not red well nothanksbuthanks, so ha, now they're really selling like hotcakes. Suckers.