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Monday, October 27, 2008

Senior Moment or Subconscious Truth?

Pug-O-Ween Pix.

Golfer Pug (clubs out of view!)

Lonely Tinkerbell?/Jester Girl Pug?

Donald Trump Pug (pins say "You're Fired" and "I hate Rosie!")

Ernie involved in buttsniffing a trois with Biker Chick Pug and Bumblebee Pug. For shame.

Hillbilly/Scarecrow Pug

Paging Dr. Ernie!

Biker Chick Pug (aka Ernie's girlfriend)


Friday, October 24, 2008

On Top of This, I'm Pretty Sure I'm Getting Sick.

Oh my god, what a week! We got back from the Farm on Sunday afternoon and all hell has broken loose since! Read on!

  • Molly has been very sick since Monday morning. I was convinced she was dying after she yowled, peed a torrent all over the couch, and then hid in her litter box for twelve hours. Convinced. Took her to the vet, turns out all is physiologically clear, but she needs to start taking her Elavil to 'take the edge off' of the Ernie factor. Poor 15 year old baby kitty!
  • I've had sick bakers all week. Yuck.
  • I am so sick of the Phillies. And they're woot-wooting idiot 'phans'. And all of the Phillies themed cupcakes that refused to sell the day after they lost because Philly is a Phair Weather Phan Kinda Town.
  • We landed a standing order with That Big Speciality Grocery Store Much Like Dean and Deluca on Chestnut! YES. I've been trying to get in there for 2 years. And they're selling our cupcakes for $3, the bastards!
  • Tomorrow is Pug-O-Ween! Pix to follow!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Could Be The Only Reason Why I Love America.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Campaign Fundraiser Crashers.

On Friday, SFG's parents' neighbors hosted a fancy $10,000 a head dinner party for Obama. It was a scene people.

The Parents live on a small dead end street in an uber liberal Philadelphia neighborhood. We sat on the lawn as the Maryland plates came rolling in - Nutter, Casey, Rendell...but best of all was seeing Bon Jovi's shaggy blonde head hanging out of a shiny black limo. Then there was Obama of course, who waved from his SUV. It was totally cool. We even got to hear him speak, thanks to the fact that The Parents share a backyard fence with Mr. High Falutin Host and the tent they set up for the gala was feet away from said fence. Secret Service kept an eye on those of us on the other side of the fence. One of them even noticed Ernie and as she was leaving the party told us what a cute dog he was.

Isn't that freakin' awesome?

But this is awesomer....Now is the PERFECT TIME TO VISIT FLORIDA.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This Is What I Write About When Watching John Edward.

Last night I wrote a post about cancer, but I've decided to delete it and write about brighter things.

Brighter Thing #1
The Canary is pretty likely being picked up by That Big Gourmet Grocery Store on Chestnut Street. Excellent. Most Excellent.

Brighter Thing #2
I just discovered an article about The Canary's Kitchen Sink Brownies and how to copy them! Imitiation is the most sincere form of flattery, I s'pose, though I really prefer you buy them from me (online shop to open very soon!) rather than miserably fail at making them as delicious at home. But whatever!

Brighter Thing #3
Doggie Style has a myriad dog costumes for Halloween. We are going to take Ernie to try on the Cop and the Surgeon outfits. I'll let you know on what we decide.

Brighter Thing #4
I have discovered my new favorite cheese, Tomme Crayeuse, a lovely creamy rich cheese that has flowers pressed into it. Please go and get some of it for yourself and enjoy. Sharing optional.

Brighter Thing #5
We are having reubens for dinner tonight. I asked the deli at The Circus to pack up all the components separately so we can put them together tonight and then throw them on the grill. Yerm!

Brighter Things #6 & #7
I bought the loveliest purse from Martha through Wanda Harland.
Isn't she pretty?

I also had a hankering for a pair of ducks. They are on back order.

Don't they just bring back memories? I figure they'll be perfect for trekking around Dog Poop Park here on the river.

Brighter Thing #8
I made SFG's birthday cake today. Sour cream poundcake with layers of fresh lemon curd and strawberry preserves covered (smothered!) in fluffy marshmallow frosting. I'll just lick out the lemon curd, thank you.

Brighter Thing #9
I have every intention of taking tomorrow off.

Brighter Thing #10
My ipod is freshly charged.

Can it get any better?