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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Many Licks Does It Take....

So we're having a Cornichon Eating Contest* in a couple of weeks to promote the Canary's Fourth Anniversary of Opening**. It will be in the Central Chamber*** of The Circus.

So far we have two male contestants who competed in Wing Bowl, a female Ivy college student who competed in a cake eating competition in camp, a female who wants to cross a competitive eating challenge off of her bucket list, a guy 'who can eat more [cornichons] than you could ever dream of', and an aspiring drag queen. It will surely be amazing.

We are extending the deadline application until Friday because we would like to get a few more options contestant-wise and a couple of media outlets have offered to promote it a little longer.

You up for a little stomach expansion? The prize is a cornichon a day for an entire year of your God-given life.

Oh, it's going to be great! It will go down in cornichonerie history!

* Trying to keep it anonymous here.
** Still trying.
*** Trying too hard?