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Sunday, November 22, 2009

HELLO HELlo hello is there anybody out there?

Holy crackers it's been like forever since I've posted. I'm sure I've lost 7,999,996 of my 8 mill+ fans and I apologize for disappointing, but damn, life has been busy and I've been too scattered/crazed/depressed/desperate/broke/crazed/ashamed/thrilled to post.

So, I'll fill you in as best as I can...

1. Canary Too is open for business! We are doing well. It really has been a dream come true- a cute little spot that I can decorate and sell whatever the hell I want and be open whenever I want and be my own boss without anybody else looking over my shoulder telling me what to sell, how to sell it, when it sell it, and how much sugar to add..it's been awesome, what can I say. If you haven't seen pix, facebook me or check me out on flickr.

2. More Canary Too. It's all been about Canary Too. And making sure Canary I can keep up the pace.

3. We've moved from SFG's condo to my house in GHo. It is lovely but we are living without furniture because the condo must be "staged" for potential buyers. I'm going crazy with this living situation. Not having any soft place to hang my hat, smoke a doobie and watch Bridezillas in comfort is psychologically crushing. This is going to end soon or I may have resort to something drastic. We've made the decision to move our junk from the condo to the house by the end of the year. Good feng shui, it seems, to have our stuff settled by 2010. Am I right?

4. More Canary news: We are in this month's issue of that famous woman's magazine- the really annoying one, not the one you necessarily love to hate. Check it out.

5. Have I mentioned that I am really really exhausted? Waah waah whine whine.

6. My holiday shopping is 90% complete!

7. Considering a staff party at Yakitori Boy for Christmas. Being almost 35 doesn't necessarily render you completely unhip and boring.

8. Ok, YOU HAVE TO SWEAR NOT TO TELL ANYONE but....a certain food competition show called me out of the blue and asked me to interview/apply for their next season. I can't say anything else because I signed a confidentiality agreement under penalty of caning, but I promise you, unless you live in Bora Bora, you know this show and it's awesome, and if I get on it, I will totally freak the fuck out. Must wait and see. If I get on the show, I will not be foolin' around, people. It will be insane. Fingers and toes crossed.

9. Shhh...I just bought the 5th gen iPod. My 4th is at Too so I don't have daily access anymore and besides, the Camera Obscura binary numeral tracks are bound to be worn out by my baristas playing them every single freaking time I happen to walk in, so it was a business expense, totally justified, of course. This fucker has a little radio on it! And it will tell you what song is playing! Go Princeton Radio ! Now I can listen and know what I'm listening to! Techmology!

10. Please email me and tell me you are reading. I will tell you the really crazy stuff then.