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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Be a Mind Sticker.

Tab TV commercial

True Life.

Ring! Ring!

"Cantankerous Canary."
"Hi. I'd like to order a cake for tomorrow."
"What kind of cake would you like?"
"Oh. I wasn't prepared to answer that question."

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shrink Rap.

Unlike last year's festivities, this Thanksgiving can be boiled down to the following:

*wine, wine, gravlax, wine, cheese, wine, turkey, stuffing, wine, cranberry sauce, wine, pumpkin pie, scotch, lager at Dirty Frank's, sleep*

In other words - much fun and merriment!

Spent Turkey Day at SFG's parents' place. Met Psychoanalyst-Psychiatrist Mom, whom I hope didn't peer into my mental depths too much! Haven't gotten a post-mortem yet. Boys must be trained to get feedback properly.

Crapola week. I'm down two people this week. Haven't unpacked much except for my bed and tv, which I plan on crawling into and watching respectively. right. about. now.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Today is the Fourth Worst Day of My Life.

Tonight I must pack.

I must pack 1/2 of the stuff accumulated in a 12 year relationship. Claim stakes. It sucks.

I'm really sad. Not because I'm sad about leaving or starting my new life or anything like that. It's more just sad from sheer exhaustion. I've worked 21 days straight at this point. I am seriously not in good shape right now.

I've just spent the last two hours at The Sidecar chatting with the peeps there because the last thing I want to do right now is pack 1/2 of my stuff in boxes.

Last night Rasputina came over and manned ship. "Do you want this?" "No." "Do you want this?" "No." "Do you want this?" "No." "Yes you do." or "No you are soooo not keeping that!" She was a godsend, guiding me through this packing process while I basically stood there mute and pointed. (XX!!!!)

Don't want to talk to SFG about this too much for fear of freaking him out. This is the time when I need my friends the most, but it's weird because I don't feel like I can share that much about this aspect of my life with the person that I've been spending the most time with lately.

Alright. Enough blathering. Just checking in really. Not much time to blog much more than this! Going to go to sleep and attempt some more packing tomorrow evening after work. Or whenever.

Movers are coming Monday afternoon. I'm normally so not the procrastinator.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Too Little Sleep, Too Many Idiots.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Drama of the Day

"Excuse me, this cupcake is gross."
"I don't like it. And I paid $2 for it."
"Well, don't buy another cupcake here."
"But this cupcake is gross."
"Sorry. Can't please them all. You know what I mean?"

Monday, November 13, 2006

Kvetch of the Day.

Please don't:

1. ask me if all the cupcakes are different.
2. ask me if the coffee's fresh.
3. ask me if the poundcake is fresh.
4. ask me if you can lick a) the bowl or b) my fingers.
5. ask me if you can have a piece of that toast with butter.*
6. ask me if we have Ezekiel bread.
7. tell me you "don't feel like coming in today".
8. ask me what I'm lookin' fer.
9. put your lips on the sneezeguard.
10. kick the case.
11. let your kids kick the case.
12. ask if there's monkey in the Monkey Bars.
13. tell me you're gluten intolerant and walk away like I just insulted you by saying there's flour in just about everything.
14. ask me for quarters.

*Meatman is hitting on me hard and fast. Today I was wearing a t shirt with a toaster on it.

And on a non-kvetch note, Broken Social Scene enjoyed The Canary's brownies and 747s, officially securing The Monkey as The Cake Shop of the Indie Rock Scene. Rock on. Rock on.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's So Nice to

have someone who

1. makes me laugh.
2. thinks I'm funny.
3. wakes up happy in the morning.
4. appreciates the Vermonter bar.*
5. has opinions, not just veto power.
6. makes a mean g&t.
7. lets me sleep over for three weeks straight.
8. watches America's Next Top Model even though he doesn't really enjoy it.
9. watches Parental Control and Wife Swap and actually enjoys it.
10. actively wanted to see Borat.
11. lets me sit, drink wine and babble about my boring day while he cooks dinner.
12. gets a kick out of Turkey Boy and actually wants to get a drink with the guy.
13. puts together Ikea furniture for me and thinks it's fun.
14. wants to meet my friends.
15. appreciates wine in a box.
16. likes my ears.
17. teases me.
18. makes me feel fun and pretty.
19. wants me to meet his family.
20. really likes me.

*cookie bar with cranberries, walnuts, ginger and dried apricots. Also referred to as The Nor'easter or Squanto Squares**

**Rasputina gets 100% credit for that one.

Monday, November 06, 2006


In short:

Rasputina and I moved into our respective new apartments a couple of days ago. Now we live practically around the block from one another! I swear our lives are like Kate & Allie + Lucy & Ethel! We spent this evening at Rasputina's place eating turkey platters (compliments of You Know Who!), drinking dirty hos and watching High Fidelity, perhaps the best break-up movie of. all. time. Seriously.

And speaking of You Know Who!, we are going to help Turkey Boy with his Match.com profile! We're all very excited about this prospect, though SFG reminded me that there is a fine line between helping the guy out and entertaining ourselves with this task. Can't wait!

(Damn a lot of exclamation points tonight!) (Perhaps it's because I will be insane by January!) Yippeee! Don't know when the Melting Pot trip with Wilman is gonna happen, GG. Just not sure.

OK, off to attempt to find some decent talk radio on the alarm clock lifted from my former home (Mr. X bought a fancy iPod iHome alarm clock and I don't think he needs the old one anymore). I am furnitureless and tvless, but I am no longer homeless. And even though I can't find my corkscrew, this stuff is a damn fine substitute.