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Thursday, August 13, 2009

my left hand

is responsible for this post. please forgive typos and lower case. its better than SCREAMING AT YOU.

surgery went fine. 'vascular tumor' was what they removed, pathology report will confirm. thank you facebook wellwishers! i love each and every one of you. your kind thoughts were especially regarded as my own mother forgot but whatevs. we have a bit of a tori/candy thing going on.

not having a useful right hand has posed obstacles in everyday living, e.g. clipping a bra, opening a percocet bottle, tampon installation, etc. sfg has been a patient right hand man, tampons notwithstanding.

ok. you may or may not hear from me before we leave for nantucket on monday. but if i have your address, ill mail ya a transcribed postie.


Saturday, August 08, 2009

It Feels So Good When I Open My Mouth.

SFG and I went to see Joe Pernice at the Tin Angel tonight.

When it came to my turn for him to sign my book (that is so not my thing, typically, just for the record), I said (and I quote), "I first heard you on on Janeane Garafalo on Air America. You are my musical hero."

Was that lame?

Seriously, that was lame. But whatevs. We're allowed every once in a while. He is just so adorably nebbishy in a Cape Cod nerd sort of way. He's all Woody Allen Southy style. It's just irresistable.

Then I bought a reusable grocery bag with the Subpop logo on it. And Joe's new book for the Nantucket. One week til vacay! yay!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


We got over 150 resumes for a crappy counterperson job we posted on craigslist this weekend. 80% of them were garbage ("Hi, please tell me where this job is and call me back asap."). I think it's time to take the post down.

So, yeah, I'm a little busy these days. Working on Canary II constantly. Have to get the checkerboard flooring in there asap ($1000 for installation? Are you effin' kiddin' me? What- do I look like a stupid woman or somethin'?). And I (accidentally) bought five tole chandeliers on ebay for it. Oh well, a few of them can go in the house...

...sigh...The tenants have given official notice, and they will be out by October 1 (which is better than September 1, I suppose), which means we are packing the junk portion of our stuff and sticking it in storage until we move to the house and can put it back in its rightful places.

The movers come next Monday. My stigmata op (Martyrdom is so so hard.) is on Wednesday. We need to get as much stuff done as possible between then and Monday, when we leave for Nantucket. Canary I is closed all that following week thank god. The mixers need a rest. Big time.