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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Three Things That Have Really Made Me Cranky Today (T.T.T.H.R.M.M.C.T.).

1. I woke up at 3 am this morning, like most mornings, but this particular morning I was haunted with the fact that Pernod hasn't paid me for an order in December. Migrained and insomnolent, I 'pen' an ever so slightly nastygram to my contacts there.

2. I yell at the shoeshine at The Circus for sexually harassing my baker. Then convulse with angry shaking at management for not doing anything about it (Have I mentioned the laundry list of disgusting things that they do on a daily basis? We are keeping a log; email me.)

3. Baker calls out for Friday more than implying it is my job to find coverage for their shift. As stated previously, I cover for you if you are dead.

It makes perfect sense I am wound up and cranky at 11:30 at night.


Blogger Christine said...

You know, in the days when workplace flexibility is a key point, some workers just deserve to get the axe. I'm sorry, there it is. I mean, c'mon people. Gar.

Next time it's a weekend shift, give me a call. I work for cupcakes and company. :)

4/08/2010 10:17 AM  

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