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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Finding A Sweet Pair of Shoes is More Often Than Not, More Fun than Easter.

Had a perfectly fine day having Easter Ham, fine chardonnay and observing an Under Five Easter egg hunt.

Not my favorite holiday by any stretch, as I'm not a particular fan of breakfast foods, large amounts of inexpensive sweets, or the resurrection of Christ, but today was okay. No complaints for the most part.

Granted, a full fledged, full bodied adult conversation - without or not pertaining to children of any kind - would have been a nice asterisk to the day, but that is my own exhaustion talking, nothing more, no offense to the seersucker swathed toddlers present at the event, of course.

Saturday evening, however, was a blissful few hours spent with the bestest girlfriends a girl could have. Mwah mwah SWAK SWAK. I heart you. You know what a damsel needs and I love you for it.

Friday, I had earlier gotten notice my early morning baker was going to be out on a diabetes medical call (can't say no to that, less someone lose a toe and that would be bad), and the late morning baker texts me asking if I really need her because she has, ya know, stomach trouble.

I hereby declare I Will No Longer Be A Stupid Pushover. I Do Not Work For You Unless You Are Dead. Otherwise Find A Substitute. Or You Are Fired.

Have I mentioned that I have been getting this coldy-fluy-viral sickness every four to six weeks for the past year and a half now? And I am now in the throws of one of these episodes? It's awful, it throws the workweek off if I don't put in the time. But frankly, I am just exhausted. I haven't had a day off in weeks. And I can't remember the last time I had two days off in a row. I think it was early January when I went to Chicago.

In September, my doctor told me to use the neti pot through the new year and if my colds didn't abate, to come back and she would take some tests. I have been using the neti pot, and while I do believe it's made the 'episodes' less bad - and when I mean 'bad', I mean being on the couch for three days straight feverish, congested, coughing and/or vomting. I mean bad.

I have no doubt it's nothing more serious than stress. I think a trip for a mani/pedi and fancy lunch would do more wonders than some blood test screening out Epstein-Barr. Maybe I'll just skip it.


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4/05/2010 10:22 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Oh no! Sorry you're not feeling bad. I have a bronchitis like cough after a cold last week, so I empathize, but dude, at least I'm not laid up like that every couple of weeks. Blech.

Time to get scary with the employees. I get that everyone gets a sick day once in a while, but you should totally make it their responsibility to find a back up. (Like in my waitressing days! Oh the waitressing days. Shamefully, litigation has made me miss those hectic days more than I would have thought possible.)

Here's hoping you get both the mani-pedi and some much needed time off.

4/05/2010 2:01 PM  

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