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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's So Nice to

have someone who

1. makes me laugh.
2. thinks I'm funny.
3. wakes up happy in the morning.
4. appreciates the Vermonter bar.*
5. has opinions, not just veto power.
6. makes a mean g&t.
7. lets me sleep over for three weeks straight.
8. watches America's Next Top Model even though he doesn't really enjoy it.
9. watches Parental Control and Wife Swap and actually enjoys it.
10. actively wanted to see Borat.
11. lets me sit, drink wine and babble about my boring day while he cooks dinner.
12. gets a kick out of Turkey Boy and actually wants to get a drink with the guy.
13. puts together Ikea furniture for me and thinks it's fun.
14. wants to meet my friends.
15. appreciates wine in a box.
16. likes my ears.
17. teases me.
18. makes me feel fun and pretty.
19. wants me to meet his family.
20. really likes me.

*cookie bar with cranberries, walnuts, ginger and dried apricots. Also referred to as The Nor'easter or Squanto Squares**

**Rasputina gets 100% credit for that one.


Blogger PeopleCat said...

I'll just go ahead and second this post with a few raves of my own:

Its nice to
have someone who:

1. Makes me laugh, smile, cry, and feel everything that comes along in my crazy world.

2. Loves all kinds of music, and is interested in what I like and in showing me new things.

3. Gives me the best orgasms--ever. My god.

4. Sleeps so very close to me.

5. Loves my cats, even though he's very allergic to them, and they tend to be very actively nocturnal.

6. Is kind and generous.

7. Is introspective.

8. Lives to try new things and see new places.

9. Is uninhibited in every connotation.

10. Lets me know tha he's not merely putting up with me.

My only wish: to not fear how long this will last.

Ok, this felt kinda heavy for a Wednesday.

Love ya, Oy Vey!


11/08/2006 11:38 PM  
Anonymous Daximus said...

This friend wants to meet SFG! (who also goes by the name "Scott" (not real name))

You deserve to feel this way. It has been too long since you felt this way. Go Oy Vey!

11/12/2006 6:35 PM  

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