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Monday, November 13, 2006

Kvetch of the Day.

Please don't:

1. ask me if all the cupcakes are different.
2. ask me if the coffee's fresh.
3. ask me if the poundcake is fresh.
4. ask me if you can lick a) the bowl or b) my fingers.
5. ask me if you can have a piece of that toast with butter.*
6. ask me if we have Ezekiel bread.
7. tell me you "don't feel like coming in today".
8. ask me what I'm lookin' fer.
9. put your lips on the sneezeguard.
10. kick the case.
11. let your kids kick the case.
12. ask if there's monkey in the Monkey Bars.
13. tell me you're gluten intolerant and walk away like I just insulted you by saying there's flour in just about everything.
14. ask me for quarters.

*Meatman is hitting on me hard and fast. Today I was wearing a t shirt with a toaster on it.

And on a non-kvetch note, Broken Social Scene enjoyed The Canary's brownies and 747s, officially securing The Monkey as The Cake Shop of the Indie Rock Scene. Rock on. Rock on.


Anonymous guinness girl said...

GACK. Want me to go kick some Canary Ass?

11/14/2006 1:02 PM  

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