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Thursday, August 13, 2009

my left hand

is responsible for this post. please forgive typos and lower case. its better than SCREAMING AT YOU.

surgery went fine. 'vascular tumor' was what they removed, pathology report will confirm. thank you facebook wellwishers! i love each and every one of you. your kind thoughts were especially regarded as my own mother forgot but whatevs. we have a bit of a tori/candy thing going on.

not having a useful right hand has posed obstacles in everyday living, e.g. clipping a bra, opening a percocet bottle, tampon installation, etc. sfg has been a patient right hand man, tampons notwithstanding.

ok. you may or may not hear from me before we leave for nantucket on monday. but if i have your address, ill mail ya a transcribed postie.



Blogger Christine said...

Woman, I miss you. Come back to add to my procrastination. (Also, and related to absolutely nothing, 99 Luftballoons! Yay!) :)

9/04/2009 1:19 PM  

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