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Saturday, July 28, 2007

You Don't Even Have to Offer Me A Penny for My Thoughts.

I confronted the Duke about the comment. His response: "I didn't say it about all of you. I was talking about one specific person. Not you."

The conversation wasn't even worth continuing at that point.

On the same note, last night I read a scathing opinion piece about The Circus' management. It was absolutely ludicrous. It incensed me to the point that I actually felt compelled to pen out an anonymous, salty letter to the editor of the paper. I am becoming sassy in my old age! But it was just eating away at me. I have a very hard time controlling my tongue. I think that is why I have such a bad cupcake case bedside manner. That and my absolute lack of patience, of course.

Have I mentioned yet how excited I am that Camera Obscura is coming to the TLA on August 22? No I haven't because I just read about it last night! I don't know whether I'll have to forcibly drag SFG or if he'll come out of a twisted curiosity. But I am so there. So freakin' there. But I have no doubt that I will experience Being Old at this show too. Just like this guy did. But whatever. And not in a curmugdeony way, just in a This Woman is Obviously Trying To Cling to the Last Tender Branches of Youth By Going to A Concert on a Wednesday Night And Attempting Not to Complain About How Much Her Feet Already Hurt After Ten Hours of Standing at Work Geez Have Some Pity Ok kind of way.


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