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Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Friday I'm In Love.

I cannot wait for Friday.

Reason #1
We - the Canary people - are celebrating Turkey Boy's 46th Birthday with cake and drinks at Sal's on 12th. TB is so excited about his party it's not even funny. Maybe a little scary. Everyone will be there - Rasputina, The Bassoonist, L'il JoJo and The Ladies' Man, SFG, Dax, Madame Mimolette. Not to mention the Turkey people too. So if you're in the area, stop by and see the legend, the one and only, at 6pm. Be there or be square.

However, even though I'd promised to entertain my turkey friend, I can't stay long because

Reason #2
I'll be in the front row at the Morrissey show at The Mann! Tickets fell from the heavens (well, a friend of Dax is one of those crazy people willing to get up at 4:00 am and take off work in order to purchase front row seats to Morrissey) and I was blessed without any effort on my part at all. It was meant to be.

But I won't be able to stay for the exclusive aftershow party or make out with a roadie because

Reason #3
Molly and I are moving in with SFG! Yes, big news! I am subletting my furnished apartment (shhh!) to The Bassoonist who will stay there til the end of my lease. Me + Cat + toiletries + kitchenware + mass amounts of Canary paperwork is an easier transition for a poor guy who's never shared his space with anyone. Much less a girl. A girl with stuff. Lots of stuff.

In any event, we three are very excited about the forthcoming cohabitation. Molly especially because she will have a fabulous view of the Ben Franklin and her mommy won't be gone every other night anymore leaving her with nothing to do but listen to NPR and track litter on my Ikea rug (one of those nice wool ones with the llama silhouettes on them).

Come on Friday!

Here's me on Friday in my mind.

Parrot for added effect to demonstrate happiness, joviality, and frolicky-ness. And check it out! No buttercream stains on my dress!


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