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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another List Because I Cannot Think Of Much Else to Write About.

1. Meatman pulled The Bassoonist aside to tell her that I was "looking thin" and that "that guy of her's obviously isn't giving her something" whatever that means ireallydon'twanttothinkaboutittoomuch.

2. New cupcake developed today, inspired by the blue sanding sugar I purchased: The Flying Monkey Signature Cupcake: Chocolate cake stuffed with vanilla buttercream and chunks of banana covered in chocolate buttercream. I wouldn't eat them but they've been flying off the shelves since we put them out this afternoon.

3. Turkey Boy's front tooth fell out today while he was eating ice cream. He told The Bassoonist that now he'd never get a girlfriend! aww! I want to start a Turkey Boy Tooth Fund. Donations may be sent to my PayPal account.

4. Tomorrow is Garibaldi Night (formerly known as Pico de Gallo Night) with the girls. Yerrm!

5. There is no 5. That is all.


Anonymous guinness girl said...

Hooray for Garibaldi night!

7/13/2007 4:51 PM  
Blogger Lou said...

1. That cupcake sounds amazing, I need one in my life right now. No seriously, I need the canary cupcakes. I'm getting the shakes.

2. Pico de Gallo changed names? Or have you change4d locations? If it's the former I'm upset despite the fact that the fantastic burrito stand is 350 miles away now.

7/13/2007 11:22 PM  

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