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Monday, July 16, 2007

Clearly My Mind Needs Some Organizational Maintenance Right About Now.

1. We went to Tinto with Mr. and Mrs. Matchmaker last night. OMG. Best Meal I've Had in Ages. Mrs. Matchmaker and I lamented over 3 bottles of Spanish wine how 'effing nice we are to our staff. And what do we get from some? Blarrrgggghhh!

2. Trip to Wellington in January! Woo hoo! BlogHer North-South Hemisphere Conference! Woo hoo!

3. Weeklong respite in Nantucket in 23 days and counting. Suh-weet! Remind me to bring my ascot and Jackie O sunglasses.

4. We keep a Little Book that myself, Rasputina, or The Bassoonist write down daily sales and little notes about the weather and Circus/Canary news. Of late, it's become a diary of sorts. I think the IRS will find it amusing if godforbid I get audited. Some recent the entries:

7/11: Slow day. Made Turkey Boy a rooibos latte. He liked it.
7/12: Decent day. No sales tax on register 3 key now. I have The Twinge* and it sucks. Don't forget to wrap scones in fridge!
7/13: Meatman says he misses Oy Vey 'chunky'. Says no more 'curves'. Hot as hell.
7/14: Bastille Day. Frenchie couldn't find King/Queen cake to celebrate. Made 400 cupcakes with tiny fondant tomatoes on them for SoandSo.
7/15: Busy for a Sunday. Twinge is making me crazy. Ouchie.
7/16: Turkey Boy, The Bassoonist, Rasputina, Manager of Turkey and a girl at Sir Franks-a-lot all have The Twinge. No salt licks or curly fries** until situation is resolved.

* Bladder/UTI infection.
** 'Salt lick' refers to a bowl that the Turkey place makes with all the fixins. Much like the KFC bowl.


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