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Saturday, July 07, 2007

There Are Multiple References to Scotland in this Post.

OK, so been pretty busy these days working doubles for Rasputina, who is traipsing 'round Europe with a former Canary employee (we are the Love Connection bakery!), moving and unpacking stuff and trying to fend off a sickness that makes one very tired with a sore throat and post nasal drip like a leaky faucet.

But you didn't want to know about that.

In short:

1. Turkey Boy's Birthday Party was an amazing success. The Bassoonist's turkey cake was amazing and everyone had a smashing good time, especially Turkey Boy.

2. No Morrissey show! Tant pis. Alas, he fell ill in Boston and the show was postponed.

3. Moving/unpacking not fun, but attempting to get it done little by little.

And in other news:

1. The Canary was featured in a regional, albeit glossy magazine this month! Mama likey, even though the moron editors forgot to actually mention where we were located. Oops!

2. You may now call me Landlady, thankyouverymuch. Mr. X and I have rented the house we own to a nice couple whom Mr. X believes "will take good care of the place because they're British". Ostensibly they are the pinky-sticking-out-whilst-eating-cucumber-finger-sandwiches variety and not the Ali G-Glasgow Kiss* variety of Limeys**. And they plan on gardening in the backyard too, which is an added bonus.

3. I recently saw an article about a lovely chocolate shop in Edinburgh*** which makes a Laphroaig truffle, which has inspired me to experiment with a Laphroaig brownie. I am dying to try this truffle. It will have to wait until my next trip to Scotland, but in the meantime, I can play mad scientist with my favorite scotch!

4. SFG and I are going out with Mr. and Mrs. Matchmaker tomorrow to Tinto. Cannot wait! Yermm!


* I never actually witnessed a Glasgow Kiss while in Glasgow. The reference was not meant to pigeonhole, I just kinda get a kick out of the phrase itself.

**See the second half of the previous footnote.

*** Alas! Turns out the copy of Chocolatier I was reading in FYE is old. Waah! I will carry the torch.


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