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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Last week I got an email from a woman who found my (oops! still up!) profile on match.com. She was looking for ladies for a friend of her's, who oddly enough, is a Glaswegian scientist with a snarky sense of humor and a sweet tooth.

I wrote back informing her of my unavailability, but we started emailing and discovered that we'd probably get along splendidly because she is also 32, a small business owner and likes booze. So we went on a blind date!

We had a great time. Turns out our similiarities go beyond boozing and biznez; we are both of Eastern Bloc descent, have husbands/boyfriends who are rabid Eagles freaks but don't get into anyothersportsthankgod, and were English majors. And we both say 'f*ckin'' alot, which was nice, because you don't meet a lot of women who say 'f*ckin'' a lot and I find that oddly refreshing. Oh yeah, and we both lived in Boston for a spell and hated it but we both love Vermont.

Tomorrow SFG and I are going to a poker party at her house. I think it'll be fun. And the Glaswegian will be there.

Definitely makes for a good story.

Oh my! I failed to mention what a fabulous time I had with Guinness Girl, Christine and Madame Mimolette* at the slumber party this past weekend. I shudder to think about the amount of drink we consumed, but damn! Balderdash was f*ckin' fun! XXOO girls!

*In past posts has been referred to as Cheesewench, but Guinness Girl calls her by her real name and Christine used her initial so what the hell am I even making up a nic for her anyway?


Anonymous Maria said...

Sounds fun! I hope the Glaswegian's nice. I had a Glaswegian babysitter for a while, when my son was 3-4 years old. He'd come home with the accent by the end of the day! Unfortunately, he picked up a few other things, and one time, during a temper tantrum aimed at my parents, he called them "mother fuckers!" (That's really cute coming from a 4 year old!) My dad was NOT amused!

6/08/2007 4:04 PM  

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