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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Randome Shite.

Ebony/Jet stopped by to interview people at The Canary yesterday. They're doing a tourist show on Philly. When they first told me, it made me a little nervous because The Canary has been accused of being racist before. By morons mostly. If you know the name of my shop, you can see where it might come from.

But really I just like canaries in colonial garb!

The latest craze according to the local news is Infant Potty Training (IPT). If you want your newborn to poop in the toilet, check this out!

Got more scoop about The Uniform Mutiny. Mr. Moody accused the girls of being 'sellouts' for wearing their Canary t-shirts. I love it. Have I mentioned his Uniform? It's a Portishead t-shirt and armband tattoos with play, pause and stop symbols on them.


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