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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Human Resources Don't Fail Me Now.

My people judging skills have failed me again.

It was The New Guy's first day yesterday. All he was asked to do was to deliver the goods safely to a couple of coffeeshops and not to wear an apron into the men's room.

After taking over an hour and a half to do a 45 minute delivery, we get a call from Cafe #1.

"Hi. Umm, we just got our box of brownies and um, they look like a truck ran over them. They're completely smashed. We can't use them at all."

Then Cafe #2 calls.

"Hi? Yeah, umm? like our cupcakes are like umm all crushed? and like the cookies are just a box of like crumbs? "*

Us: "Oh gosh, yeah, sorry. We have a New Guy today and he's just not working out so well."

Cafe #2: "Um. Like apparently?"

When I called The New Guy today to find out exactly what happened - because it's not often that we get a complaint that references tire tracks - he didn't even bother hemming and hawing. All he said was that the bag was heavy!

Me: "But How Did Everything Get Crushed?! They said the entire order was in crumbs?! How did you do that?"

New Guy: "It was just heavy. And I said I was sorry to the girl at Cafe #1. They're lying at Cafe #2!"

Me: "Well you didn't apologize to me and you just cost me $150. You're fired."

Yeah, and then the little turd wore the cute chartreuse retro cat apron Rasputina gave me into the men's room.
I got an email from a 16 year old who was interested in a baking job I had posted on craigslist. When I didn't get back to her after a couple of days, I got an email from her that simply said "So...?"

Please Lord, please protect the Idiots and the Immature and give me the Grace, Wisdom and Patience of a Saint during difficult times. Otherwise a Divine Intervention may be needed. Amen. Thank you JesusHolyMarySt.FrancisMaryMagdalene. Amenagain.

*Punctuation inflection intended to impart a sense of realism into the exchange.


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