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Monday, June 18, 2007

Randome Shite Part Deux.

On Saturday we went to Ardmore with M & I to see The Radiators, a New Orleans jam band that has a following akin to Parrot Heads but with more weed references. Their logo is a stoned fish.

Bonerama was on the billboard as the opening act.

"What the hell is Bonerama?" "Why the hell is Bonerama?" "Bonerama? Really?"

Turns out Bonerama is four trombone players. Ohhhh...I get it now.

Have you ever watched four funk 'bone players close up? It's rather mesmerizing in a dirty sort of way. They get really really into it. Concentrated looks on their faces, slidin' that 'bone back and forth...Then someone said something about stroking the 'bone, which turned into a commentary on the electric 'bone and that was it.

Howard Update: We went to a bbq at SFG's parents' and l'il Howard was there. Much like the cat who picks the one person in the room who is either deathly allergic to or freaked out by felines, Howard picked me to be his playmate for the afternoon. Which actually turned out to be fine. All you really have to do with an 18 month old is toss a ball toward him and make sure he doesn't smack his head into the cement and you're golden.


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