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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Power of Branding.

Wizard World, or Geek Con 07 is taking place right now in Philly. Which means The Circus is seeing a lot of fat, balding pallored men in black t-shirts and/or black jeans and Tevas. They like their red eyes (a shot of espresso in a cup of coffee, dude!) and their walnut brownies so we don't mind them.

SFG thought it would be a brilliant idea to make some video game themed cupcakes to appeal to these distinguished gentlemen. Per SFG's scheme, we made '1 Up' cupcakes - vanilla buttercream with splotches of green buttercream, you know, to look like those little mushrooms Mario would eat/kick/make disappear to win another guy. Get it? 1 up - GET IT?

Well, it turns out The Wizards are more CRPG* types, not straight up video gamers these days, so the Mario nostalgia just didn't work.

Text from Rasputina:
The 1 up thing is causing a lot of confusion. no one gets it. even the wizard peeps arent into it. At all. Perhaps best not to make more tomorrow. Fyi.

I reply:
Try renaming them as Mario Magic Mushroom Cupcakes.

Oh brilliant. might as well call the brownies SPECIAL BROWNIES. u sure about putting the words magic mushroom in the case?

Thank god for the Blackberry! Internets!
I reply:
Actually they are called Super Mushrooms. Make it so. Lemme no when you sell one.

Word. I did sell one. to someone who thought that 1 ups meant a dollar.

*Computer Role Playing Games. Like you didn't know that.


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