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Saturday, September 20, 2008

You're Where You Want to Be. I'm Where I Want to Be.*

They're talking about opening up a slots casino in The Gallery, a couple of blocks away from The Circus. Please kill me now. Put me out of my misery before the riff raff comes trolling out to take part in The Worst Idea in Philadelphia's History. Jesusfrickinchrist, what are these people thinking, putting a Foxwoods where a) a kid was beaten so badly he had an asthma attack and died; b) several people were spontaneously beaten by a gang of 11 year olds; 3) an 82 year old man was cornered and beaten in the bathroom for $52 and just a couple of days ago 4) another guy was beaten to the inch of his life and is now in a coma. Classy.

(And I won't even mention that poor guy who was beaten by a psycho with a hammer on the subway last week, though not close to the Gallery it still speaks volumes about the je ne sais quois of Philly. This is one rough fuckin' town, lemmetellya.)

...perhaps not such a great place to open up the second iteration of a supercute cupcake boutique...

...so a friend and I are tossing around the idea of opening up a wine and cheese bar together. I like this idea. A lot. As do the few others whom I've told whose opinions I consider important. You know when you just know you can work with another person well? When you're friends and everything and that's great, but the work ethic, the priorities, the ability to work together is practically effortless? Well, we just might have something here. Our expertises are different, although there's some crossover, and we both feel we could make it work. And make it work well. She's all about front of the house (because, obviously, I can't stand humans.**) and I'd handle the BOH ops because I know how to run a kitchen and manage people (after getting over a BIG learning curve, believe youme). I'm really excited about this prospect. I'm feeling good about this. And damn, the idea of sharing the burden with someone else just sounds so...indulgent.

*Yes, I'm still on the FF. It's kind of like when you haven't smoked weed in a long time and then when you're vacuuming the couch one day you find a long lost bag tucked away behind the cushions and you just can't believe your luck and just enjoy it til it's gone. Next week things will change after I've had some more exposure to the Shout Out Louds, whom one of my bakers was playing at the shop the other day. I was intrigued...

**I was so annoyed today by this character, a self-proclaimed friend to both Richard Branson and Al Gore, that I told him to 'check [his] dosage' and then he moonwalked toward me and called me a bitch and said he was 'gonna cut [me]'. Happy 8:37 am! Let's hit the nickle slots, whaddya say?


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