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Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Think I Already Have A Post Entitled 'Mousy Girl on the End Pew'.

Last night was my and PeopleCat's 20th Year 8th grade reunion in Chicago.

Yes, people still have 8th grade reunions, isn't that totally wacky? I'm not sure why, other than maybe the freakshow, voyeuristic aspect. But while I holed away here in Filthadelphia grilling lamb chops and leeks drinking French 75s, the Very Brave PeopleCat attended the function at a local Beverly bar. Brave soul she is. God bless her. And she survived to tell the tale.

Have I mentioned that PeopleCat and I skipped 7th grade? Aside from generally being a social outcast because of that completely stupid decision on my parents' and teachers' part, I was generally a socially dorky human being, and 20 years later I still feel the sting of rejection and over-nerdiness. Maybe this is why I own a funky cupcake shop and wear snarky t shirts and have adored The Smiths since 1988. Ah, that day at the train station with Bobby D. and his Rank tape...

...In any event, there is absolutely no way in Hell would I have attended that event even if I lived within spitting distance of the watering hole and they were offering free Hendricks & tonics and Swedish massage. It would just be too weird to have to actually interact with these people whom I remember to be so brutal. Fly on the wall, maybe...

....I just feel lucky with all I've experienced so far. I've done a lot of things most of these people wouldn't ever think of doing (pin-ups! New Zealand! Tattoo!) and hell, I've been married, divorced, lived in sin, met some rockin' cool people, seen a good chunk of the world, and can safely say have never, ever, worn Mom Jeans. And that is a blessing.

Maybe by the 25th year reunion I'll be ready to face them. There is talk of one...


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