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Friday, August 22, 2008

Of Montreal.

We are back!

What a lovely trip and terrific city. We toured The Plateau, raced through the Botanical Garden (a highly recommended visit) to avoid towing, ate bison tartare and fois gras poutine, quail baklava and rabbit stuffed with langoustines and piglet risotto, I bought the cutest winter coat (very Abba-esque), and aside from the fact that I was absolutely 167% convinced that SFG was going to propose on Wednesday night (It wasn't just me! I swear! In fact, I didn't give it too much thought until several people said it out loud to me, which got the wheels spinning, and I bought a new green dress and even blow-dried my hair, and oh shit, and the scene involved Russian nesting dolls I am so embarrassed, but seriously, the signs were all there everylastfreakingonebutiwaswrong (Russian nesting dolls for godsake!)), the trip was totally awesome and amazing and I have the very best tour buddy in the world.

I investigated a cupcake shop and I'm not being biased or snotty when I say I really didn't dig them too much. But I have enough respect and admiration for the owner that I will not link. The digs were cute, but the cupcakes, well, enh. Dense muffins with a smidge of frosting.

OK, so now it's time to start PUG SHOPPING...


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