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Friday, August 01, 2008

Girls Behaving Badly.

After I told a woman that I wasn't going to give her another cupcake just because she "it didn't taste like she thought it would", she proceeded to capsize the cupcake onto the counter and smear it all over.

I got Taco Bell for lunch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is just so rude!


8/01/2008 3:56 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

People are really freaking batshit insane. Was the issue that she didn't like it? Like a "wow, this cupcake tastes mostly like your baker rubbed it in her asscrack!" or was it, "shit, I am actually not as adventurous as I thought and this chocolate vanilla combo is blowing my mind! Let's have another!"

Because I can understand being upset if your cupcake doesn't taste good. Upset enough to smear the cupcake on the counter...probably not. Maybe she was having a rough day? Her homeless boyfriend dumped her? Was the victim of a pyramid scheme? Who knows.

As for the Taco Bell...man I couldn't make a bean burrito for cheaper. Heart'cha!

8/02/2008 1:28 AM  

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