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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pennsylvania Doldrums.

I have been very lazy in my blogging duties lately. Too much/not enough going on. I have been busy working on my end of the new website, dealing with some staffing changes, and spending time out at SFG's family's Bucks County place simply regouping....isn't it pretty?

Who the hell wants to work/blog/deal with life when you can have surf and turf and a glass of Sav Blanc on the patio instead? I mean really.

What to report? Well, I am HATING the United States Postal Service right now for completely fucking me over on a very important shipment of 25 pounds of brownies and other delicious treats for a wedding in Glasgow this weekend. Never mind the details, it's not even worth discussing. I am so furious I could spit. USPS has been drastically lowered in my Big Universal Book of Universally Rated Things in the Universe.

I am boring. Hear me yawn.


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