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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Have New Ambitions

to become a traffic court judge.

Traffic Court: The Play

Enter Oy Vey, Courtroom D, Philadelphia Traffic Court, 8th & Spring Garden, 9:00 a.m.

Bailiff: "Vey? Can I see your license please?"
Me: "Sure".
Bailiff: "Please sit down. Thanks."

[Five minutes later...]

Clerk: "Vey? Did you bring your registration?"
Me: "Yes."
Clerk: "I'm going to recommend to the judge No Points with the $72.50 fine".
Me: "Sure. Thanks".
Clerk: "You're welcome."

[Five minutes later...Enter Traffic Court Judge....]

Bailiff: "All rise."

Judge: "Will the following people stand up. Smith, McFitzjameson, Sopranini, Hill, Vey, McOShaughnessy, and Zupretti".


Judge: "I've reviewed each of your cases, and I accept your pleas. Please follow the bailiff out of the courtroom and pay your fines at the cashier. Thank you and have a nice day."



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