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Thursday, October 26, 2006

There is a Goddess

and She has smiled on me.

They are going to move the piano to another part of The Circus on a trial basis.

And this makes me happy.


And on another musical note, while I was adding the new Pernice Brothers album to iTunes yesterday, I discovered that The Sun On His Back has been replaced by, what is, apparently my new favorite song...*

Up To The Sky by The Bats playcount 321 times.
The Sun On His Back by Camera Obscura playcount 181 times.

I am so lovin' this new album. Highly recommended for any alt-country Teenage Fanclub fans. I'm so at the December show at Johnny Brendas, but nobody else go because I need enough room to worship at the feet of Joe Pernice, ok?

*Mac/Firefox/Blogger does not let me add tiffs to posts. I don't know why and neither does blogger tech support.


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