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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Peep Show

I watched four hours of Top Chef last night. Here's my two cents, for whatever it's worth.

Stephen: Completely horribly annoying and obnoxious, but the boy knows his stuff. Excellent presentation, though he starts complicating things a little too much (mango ketchup for kids? I wouldn't eat mango ketchup). Serious attitude problem. Will eventually get his ass kicked, I'm sure, in a poorly lit alley someday. Good shot at winning, though hopefully he won't, because nobody wants to see the gloating.

Andrea: Good chef, but not excellent. I don't think she's top top. Her presentation skills are horrible. I think she's a great person and I wouldn't mind having a shot of wheatgrass with her, but I don't think she has the skills to make it to the end. And her sexy food was SO NOT.

Harold: I have a huge crush on Harold. He's very talented and seems calm and laid back yet quietly intense. I think he's holding back his temper for the sake of the camera though. I predict he'll make it to the final three.

Tiffani: Solid performances. Decent attitude other than the kids' meal and the tiff with Lee Anne over the timer. I can't stand those 'I'm here to WIN' people. They are destined to lose. Get over yourself.

Dave: Mediocre performance. Was chosen by production to be The One Who Has The Breakdown at some point. Will be gone in two episodes.

Miguel: Would love to have a beer and Doritos with the guy. I think he's talented but not refined enough to make it to the end. I'd love to see the underdog win, but I don't think it's gonna happen with PimpBoy.

Lee Anne*: Very solid performance. Completely calm and collected. No freakouts, hence she doesn't hold my interest. In all fairness, though, she knows her game. Will probably make it to the final three.

The SnackMaster challenge was awesome. I love the way chefs party. They are probably as wild as rock stars party-hardy wise. YEAH!


I helped a food writer friend make Chix** last night. Williams-Sonoma carried a make your own Marshmallow Chick kit which flew off the shelves. (Good lord WHY?), so she wrote a slightly anti-Peeps article on how to make them at home. I had to color the sugar with food coloring and scotch because I didn't have any vodka in the house. Scotch-scented Chix. You think there's a market for that?


Hello, Dechert. Do we know each other?

* My claim to fame is that I used to see her walking around FCI.

**Peeps is a registered trademark. I probably am not even supposed to write the name in this blog. Thus, Oy Vey's version is called Chix. It's a little sexier anyway. Especially with the scotch.


Anonymous Whinger said...

As much as I don't want to, I love Tiffani, and was proud that she stood her ground on the timer thing. Sure it seems petty, but rules are rules.

4/06/2006 3:39 PM  
Blogger Martha said...

Harold is HOT.

4/07/2006 11:27 PM  

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