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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Drama in the G-Ho Redux

Yesterday afternoon at 5:00 I heard four gunshots. This stuff has happened so much recently in the neighborhood that I confess that I actually hesitated calling 911. After the firing, I looked out the window and didn't see anybody laying on the ground. This was my train of thought:

"hmm...I should definitely report this. Or should I? Someone else might. And nobody appears dead. No, I should. But is this a 911 call or a precinct call? Gee...hmm...911, I guess. I'll call 911 and if they don't think it's an emergency, then well that's their call, I suppose."

So I called 911. Granted this hamletizing took probably less than 10 seconds even in my half-snoozing brain, but damn, if it didn't just piss me off that I've become so used to gunfire that I actually thought about not calling at all? Yikes.

Turns out the firing occurred in a schoolyard a block away from my house and nobody was hurt. Nobody has gotten shot in the past few incidents.

People posted about this incident on Phillyblog. And a lot of people talk about writing the city councilpeople and the DA and such, and that's all fine and good, but seriously, what are they going to do? There already has been a noticed increase in police presence lately -- what more can possibly be done other than the neighbors banding together and pledging to immediately call 911 at the hint of any nefarious activity? Hopefully the more people who call right away, the more serious this stuff might appear to be.

This is horrible, but truth be told, sometimes I think the only way anything's going to change in the G-Ho is if some white woman walking her dog gets a stray bullet. It's sad and it sucks.


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