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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lost is Lost.

I'm sorry, folks, but Lost has jumped the shark.

Nobody ever believes Charlie. Ever. Why? Just because he did smack, like months ago, at this point? How long has it been, anyway? There's gotta be some Lostgeek out there who knows. I refuse to check out the boards at this point.

And I know we're talking about ABC here, which is owned by Disney which is owned by The Holy Jesus Church of People Who Think They Own the World and all, but my G-d, good lord if they didn't beat ya over the head with the Jesus-stuff. Charlie shoutin' about baptizin' the baby, the fact that the baby's name is Aaron, who I'm pretty sure is Moses's brother so there's definitely something going there (chosen people outta the promised land? If anyone wants to look it up in the Bible, let's discuss...), the dream...

Oh the dream. I just loved how Charlie described Claire and his mum as "angels". Those weren't no friggin' angels, unbelievers, that was Mary and some friend or relative of her's for sure. (HELLO! Virgin Mary Statues!) The Network just didn't want to actually say that because, because, well that just might be too over the top of Mt. Calvary. Or whatever. Didn't want to offend. They've got sponsors to think of.

Anyway, it's not really that I have so much of a problem with the overtly religious tones the show has taken, that's fine. Good. I'm glad that we can all just get along and everything and Christmas hasn't been hijacked and all. But my real beef -- and I called this one right after the first season ended - is that I fear that all of the interesting mysteries are just spiraling out of control a la X-Files. You won't be satisfied because ABC will milk this puppy until its teat runs dry. Sorry folks, the numbers don't mean shite. You'll never learn what the real deelio is with The Dharma Project or the Hanso Foundation. And Hurley? He's just The Fat Guy there for the laughs.



Blogger Beth said...

I admit that the last couple episodes seem subpar. I was hooked on Season 1 and couldn't get enough of season 2 before they ran these new ones. They seem to be floundering for direction, seems to me. Or killing time, which annoys me a tad, as does the sudden "Jesus-stuff".

Aaron is Moses' brother--Claire and the new guy-priest (Eco, I think?) discussed it at one point. And I think they've only been on the island for like two months since when they found the "Tailies" it had been like 40-something days

Whatever, the premise of the show itself is a way out there, so all the wacky stuff, be damned, I'll be a sucker to it. I don't think it's 'jumped the shark' just yet, I just hope it picks up the pace.

1/26/2006 1:57 PM  
Blogger Guinness_Girl said...

OK. Dude. I love ya and all, but maybe I'm naive b/c I totally didn't think it was overboard on the Jesus-stuff! I thought it was freaky and weird, but there is no way Mary and some random companion of hers looked like that. OK, we can get into a humongous conversation about whether my imagined Mary is different from the LOST version of...er...Aaron's mom in a robe. But...I didn't think it was a big "force Jesus on us" sort of moment. Because, if anything, the guy with the Jesus complex was nucking futs. (To use a phrase from the under-appreciated film Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. Or whatever it's called. Talk about unappreciated).

I'm not making sense. My point is that the guy pushing the religion was viewed as crazy...so how can we think LOST is trying to push religion on us?

But - I do agree with you that the last coupla episodes have been too inexplicably freaky. The black smoke, the Hobbit-gone-wild...it's just too much for one gal to take. Next thing I know, they're going to bring back Lostzilla...which annoyed me to no end.

1/27/2006 1:00 AM  

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