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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Beers, Pandas and Whatnot

Last night GG and I had a grand time working on our secret project, which is almost up and ready. Truth be told, it will probably only be funny to us and a select few who know us as the gorgeous outrageous catty lushes we truly are! Oh well, we say to the Rest of the World. Your loss! Ha!

And as always, Pico de Gallo was awesome. I had no control over the amount of food I stuffed my face with last night. It was damn good. And the chips weren't too salty either.

As far as my business, which I heretofore shall call Purple Panda's CakeLand* , I'm currently working with the logo people who had it 80% right the first time and then completely changed the thing after my stupid comments: how I wanted my Purple Panda "a little less Snoopy, a little more 'futurist/fascist' 1930s luggage sticker A.M Cassandre looking". And that's what I got. A frightening Purple Panda who looks not only like he adds a pinch of Zyklon B to his cupcakes, but after you eat them, he will kill you. Again.

Cat #1 is snoring so loudly right now I can't even hear myself type.

I should so be working on the last of my New York sales tax stuff right now. It's due in 5 days and I haven't even started. Maybe they will arrest me. And cuff me. And book me. Cool.

*I loathe this moniker I've given to my bakery. If anyone has any better ideas, please advise. I don't even like pandas. Or the color purple (not the movie, the actual color of course - no flaming please!).


Blogger Guinness_Girl said...

Dude. How did I get a day behind on reading your blog? Weird!

How 'bout Grounded Gorilla? Or - if you want something less obvious - Grounded Amphibian?

1/27/2006 1:02 AM  
Blogger Guinness_Girl said...

Oh, and PS, Pico de Gallo ROCKED. Like, seriously.

1/27/2006 1:03 AM  

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