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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I'm takin' a break from writing/baking to do a little research on signage and such. I think I'm going to go for the Shag/Mod thingy with the logo. I'm digging this guy. The Monkey of International Intrigue. The MI6 Monkey....whady'all think?

Forgot to mention we spent Saturday in the city. Was shocked and horrified to discover that the Second Avenue Deli is no more. Because the greedy effin' landlords jacked up the rent to $33,000 a month (no, that's not in pesos or lira, me peeps). For shame! Shame shame shame! And the borderline-goth-ho lingerie shop on 7th is gone. And now there are four Dunkin Donuts/Baskins in the East Village. BLECGH. Got out just in time! Hang in there, Sympathy! Love ya! And I need that rooibos!

New York is starting to S-U-C-K. Never in a million thought I'd say that. You greedy bastards are shooting yourselves in the foot.

Oh, and there were two shootings in the G-ho last week! Hurrah!

NPR really pissed me off today: Donovan was on Marty I think it was talking about his Hurdy Gurdy tour. Turns out it was like six frackin' months ago! I was PSYCHED.

But I won't end on a crappy note: Can't wait for C's Birthday Drunken Blow Out Fest at Whiskey Ward on Saturday! (Though I am concerned that they spelled "whiskey" with an "e" because that usually refers to American and Irish hooch, not Scotch....)

Addendum: Ok, let me just hash this monkey thing out a little. I don't want him too much like the "rude" monkey pictured above. Just an element of his snarkiness, while still maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic. Is it possible?


Blogger Guinness_Girl said...

Of course, t'is possible! If I could draw anything other than stick people and my cat, I'd draw ya one. Alas, they skipped over me when handing out drawing talent. Call the wah-mbulance.

1/17/2006 10:39 PM  

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