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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another Post About the Music I Love: Scandipop Redux

I know I've mentioned the Acid House Kings in a few other posts, but now I'm totally and completely obsessed with this album. It is so friggin' luscious and sweet (without being syrupy...which makes me think of Charles who said he felt like sugar was just being poured all over him as he listened to Guess How Much I Love You...ha ha! That's exactly why I "luuuurve" that song!). I haven't learned the songs well enough yet to attempt the karaoke DVD that came along with the first 1000 printings (is that the word?).

Sing Along With is just a super fantastic album. For anyone into quality pop, I implore you to give it a try. Yes, the cover is very very creepy, as the funny and totally on-point Pitchfork review remarks (even though I think his rating is too low)...if you didn't know what it was, you might think it was some 1970s Mormon folk group or something. But it's totally fun. And totally dancey. And absolutely singable....

Which brings me to a little thought I have about musical tastes generally. Music is such a completely personal thing - what you like and the reasons behind you liking it. For me, music is an escape to go to a fun, dancey, giddy space where I can just get out from under the sometimes yuckiness that those of us who are inclined toward sadness feel. Sometimes I want to feel sad, back in teenage love, bereft, forlorn, alone, together, you get the drift....and really, what does it matter to anyone else what I listen to? I like to talk about the music I listen to in the hopes that I can share something special I've found, not to convince people that I'm some sort of hip music aficionado (and I'm pretty sure AHK does not fall into the hip category anyhow...) Anyway, the whole point of this ramble is to simply say that music is meant to make us feel [fill in the blank with all of the good, bad and ugly things about life you can think of], not to be a barometer of being cool. And people shouldn't be made to feel like jerks because they like this or that (even if it is...oh never mind, I'm trying to be non-judgmental here). We're not 16 anymore and I could really give two shites about what anyone else thinks about me or my music, and I theirs. What-everrrr! I'm on the cusp of being 31, and the older I get, the sillier it all seems to actually care what other people think. So there. Pfizzle!


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