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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Back in the Saddle

I purposefully refrained from too much blogging during Christmas so I wouldn't get coal in my stocking or whatever next year. I wanted the holidays to be bright and chipper for all - so I kept my maw shut until I could no longer contain myself.

Christmas in Brooklyn: We ain't goin' there. But we're not talking Brooklyn Lite like Prospect Park or Brooklyn Heights - we're talking Brooklynbrooklyn - Kings Highway, Sheepshead Bay, Avenue U....ya probably have never been out that far unless, well, unless you're going to your in-law relatives for a Christmas Brawl! Oy! But I will hold my tongue. Just. This. Once.

Last night was fun: M, a new girl named J and I went to a special Tuesday night Sex Dwarf. Met a nice cat named J, who's a friend of M's and Popscholar's and he lives with the DJ. How 'effin' cool! What a small 'effin' town too. But maybe this means we can get some VIP Smiths spinning one of these days. In all fairness, he was playing Barbarism when we walked in....I left at 12:30 because this morning I have work and it's a very very special day because....ta ta ta da! I'm quittin'! Yup! Time for me to flee the nest, jump ship, take the bull by the horns, to blow this popstand. I've got a bakery to set up, damnit! No time for this here nonsense. Argh, I do hate doing this crap on the phone, but I fear that's the way it will have to be. I don't think anyone's coming in the shop today. Though there wasn't a to-do list either...hmmm...very suspicious. Maybe they are coming in, in which case it would suck more because then I'd have to wear thier idiotic regulation kercheif on my head. Very unattractive.

So, wish me luck, god speed, good riddance.


Blogger Guinness_Girl said...


12/28/2005 11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woah - very exciting! So is it official? I can tell 2006 is going to be a very exciting year for you. Congrats, Oy Vy!


12/28/2005 6:05 PM  

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