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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Scandipop: My New Crush

Last night I was trolling around on on my various pop sites, and I came across my new favorite Scandipop band: Labrador. You must check these Danish dudes out. Fantastic stuff, even if you're not into the lush over-the-top orchestral style of the likes of ABBA and its current derivatives. Be sure to give Freeway to Mars a listen. As a matter of fact, as soon as I finish blogging, I'm going to hunt it down and order it. It sure ain't on itunes, baby. I think I might actually have to get it from Denmark for chrissake.

Another special one I found is Ultrasport, perhaps the only Finnish Scandipop band out there. Yeah, you've got one-hit-wonder Norway, and the Swedes for whatever reason are the Gold Medal Olympiads of this genre of music. Why not Finland, you ask? What's the friggin' matter with that country? Too close to Estonia? In any event, it's got some nice jangles- a little Belle-y, a little Smiths-y...good stuff.

Oh, oh...and I've saved the best for last: Camera Obscura has a single that they've dedicated to John Peel. I'm gettin' all weepy here. Apparently he loved the tune soo much, they posthumously honored the man with it. Just listen. It's super sweet. As always. The Glaswegians always come through for me.


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