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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Downward Facing Ughhh....

After being totally stressed over some bad Internet buzz about The Canary, Dax and I went to yoga. It was my first class in 3 three years and I was excited to get back into the zen of it and calm my anxieties a bit.

Dax and I were waiting outside when we ran into My Former Hairdresser, who was also attending the same class. I stopped going to her a few months ago because the salon was just getting too expensive, not to mention I'd found a cheaper, more convenient place to go (and frankly My New Hairdresser does my bangs much better, no offense to My Former Hairdresser, who really is great at her craft and super friendly to boot.)

In addition to the awkwardness of running into a person whose services you used to use on a regular basis for two years and then ditched, I should mention that That Person Whom I Fired also works at the same salon as MFH. So obviously she knows what happened, and has an opinion, and well, hell, it's just plain old awkward.

But I can deal with that. MFH is on the other side of the room. I can't even see her because she's in the same row as me, and hell, we didn't really know each other that well anyway, and we said hi to each other, so, fine, a little weird, but definitely dealable.

Just when I thought all was clear, however, in walks That Persom Whom I Fired and Her Boss, MFH's boss. Seriously, I just started giggling to myself because The Whole Scenario was just too ridiculous for words. I couldn't have asked for a more absurdly awkward situation. Yikes.

But I have to say, yoga was awesome. I was actually pleased by my strength- I was surprised that I could actually hold some of the poses with a minimal amount of poise. I know it will hurt tomorrow. A good, workout-y hurt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot image that person is not MORE embarrassed to see you. Based on the dialogue- this employee is a total jackass. And the boss- well, not great at making hiring choices.

4/29/2008 10:18 PM  

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