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Friday, April 11, 2008

Leave 'Em Hanging on the Line.

Holy hell, it's been nine whole days since my last post! I've been busy, sick, bored, and slightly depressed with nothing much to say for the past week plus. Really mostly busy and sick (still sick! with an annoying cough! Maybe I have COPD. Or emphysema! )And I just got back from Atlanta! At an exclamation point convention!

No, actually it was a dessert expo. Saw a lot of interesting things. More importantly, I got a blast of energy to start thinking about the possibility of moving The Canary out to The Main Line, which apparently is lacking in bakeries and loaded with cash. A perfect combo. My lease at The Circus ends next April, so I've got a year to do some recon and make some decisions. We will see.

And my mom and I had dinner with Shana Maidel and her mom down in Hotlanta. It was a perfect coincidence that she happened to be there as well at the time. And we went to The Varsity and had deep fried pie. Yes, I said deep fried pie.


Anonymous Lara said...

Okay, dude, I cannot believe ou went to Atlanta and did not call to talk with me about it first. Also, we really need to get together! I return from Denver tomorrow (Tuesday) - so let's make some plans, yo.

4/14/2008 3:14 AM  
Blogger Shana Maidel said...

I could go for another fried pie right now.

Nice dream by the way.

4/15/2008 7:43 PM  

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