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Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's A Miracle!

I am finally getting official days off at The Canary. The Bassoonist and I are splitting alternate Sundays and Mondays for now until we find someone to take over Sundays completely, at which time I will have two whole days off in a row every other week. I am blessed.

I took this Monday off completely (meaning I did not go in at all. Not for an hour. Not for a minute.). Got up late. Cleaned the cat box, straightened up, took a shower and watched a bit of The View while my hair dried, then walked down to Rittenhouse and shopped. It was magnificent. And I even get this Sunday off. My cuppeth truly runneth over here.

And on top of that, The Canary's signature bar (the one with the bananas, pecans and stuff) is going to be in The City Paper. So there, Arthamay.

Oh yeah, and on top of that, I found out that the Cake Love guy came by a while back, bought a cupcake and then came back to say how delish it was. Mmm hmmm!

And now I have more resolve than ever to move the operation out to the burbs. I am starting to daydream about a cute little storefront with walls to hang things on, space to store stuff and expand, tables and chairs, high tea perhaps...and nobody telling me I can't sell chocolate chip cookies.


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