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Monday, March 24, 2008

Review: Toccanelli's Pizza

When the moon hits your eye, you go insane and wait for two hours for your pie.

Forgive my lack of iambic pentameter, but SFG and I went to the famous Toccanelli's on Saturday night. And while it was good, it definitely wasn't worth the hype.

Let's reduce it down to pros and cons. Otherwise I may ramble because I'm working on my second St. Germain gin & tonic.

Perfect, Chicago-style thin crust from a wood burning stove.

Delicious, tangy lovely tomato sauce.

A pizza place in Philly you can actually sit down and be served in.


You must reserve your dough. Yes, your dough, not your table. Which means you must know exactly how many pizzas you would like days before you go. When I called to reserve my dough four days early, I asked for one dough for the two of us. I thought better of it on Saturday afternoon after reading the reviews, and called to see if I could get one more dough so we could try out a couple of flavors. Nope! Sorry! We're all sold out of dough. You can only have one dough. You'd think after being in business 40 odd years or so you'd get a sense of how much dough you need to make in a night.

There is one guy making the pizzas. The owner, apparently. He is the only one who can put the sauce and the toppings on the pizza and put it in the oven. Control freak.

Only one pizza can be put in the oven at a time. I am not joking. Hence the two hour wait for our pepperoni, sausage and basil pie, which I must admit was quite delicious.

Go once in your life. Be prepared to wait. Bring plenty of booze to help. Think of the experience as the ultimate in Philly Charm.


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