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Friday, November 23, 2007

Sticky Fingers.

I was very disappointed to discover that one of my employees has been treating the Canary as her own personal baking aisle. She's been helping herself to ingredients and supplies for god knows how long now. She also has a bad habit of bringing equipment home to use -- and then sometimes forgets to bring it back, which is especially annoying when you already only have two whisks, ahem...

This is an employee who has been with me for quite a while. She's a great worker too. But for whatever reason, she thinks it's perfectly fine to fill her cabinets with stuff that belongs to me. Granted, it's not very expensive stuff, and I'm pretty certain she's not taking actual money, which is good, but this is still not a good situation and I must deal with it ASAP. I can't even imagine what could disappear when I am on vacation for two weeks.

Little things like this are the worst part of owning a business. If you are not by nature a managerial business-is-business personality type, these blips are what can drive you to drink! Oh wait...

The White Castle stuffing was a hit.


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