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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dagnabit She Doggone Done It This Time.

I decided to take a big risk this year with SFG's family. In addition to the pumpkin cran walnut cake with brandy brown sugar buttercream, the tray of "Club Lounge Brownies" (those that are now $2.75 a piece) and the selection of fine cheeses I am bringing, I decided to put my comfort levels with his folks on the line. I made White Castle Stuffing.

In all honestly, however, I did doll it up because, while the original recipe is quite lovely and all, I always need to tinker. So I thinned it out with some challah chunks, some freshly cooked prosciutto, and some onion.

If you've never had a 'slider', you must. Krystal is damn close, but I don't think they steam the bun on top of the little gray burger when they cook it on the griddle, giving the burger a little more chew in the finish.

White Castles have a very distinctive, indescribable flavor - not quite full fledged meat, but close - and are extremely addictive. I generally use a new audience as an excuse to make this dish because it's always fun to watch them take a bite, squint and cock their heads, chew slowly for a moment and say "I know this...What is this?' and then keep taking bites until the plate is clean. Nobody has ever been able to place exactly what's in the stuffing, but this is an erudite crowd, so I would not put it past them to get it right. Results to follow.


Anonymous Lara said...

Would you believe I have never had a White Castle? Is there one in Philly?

11/26/2007 12:16 PM  

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