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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Kinda Town.

Back from a long weekend in Chicago visiting PeopleCat and attending Aunt's 75th Birthday.

PeopleCat's party was much fun. In fact, I'd post a picture of C-Note in his glamrock wig but I can't figure out how to put those black lines over someone's eyes for anonymity. I think PC and I were the oldest hags there. We ended up hanging out with C-Note's cousin's friends who are 23, being their go-to gals for all things womanly and mature. We even counseled one kid who looked exactly like Anthony Michael Hall in Breakfast Club (chinos and top siders and all) who was drunk texting his ex girlfriend ("You're soooo adorable. You don't need to do that. Now get me another glass of merlot, 'k? Thanks sweetie.") Funniest comment made by one of the zygotes: "Come on. 23 isn't that much younger than 32." Yeah, it's just, like, the same digits, just reversed. Duh.

Aunt's 75th was another story. It was wonderful seeing her, but goddamn did people get old since I saw them last. And the video photo slide show. Uncle F, J, S...three people close to me who died all within a year of one another not too long ago - and two of them were young. Very sad.


Oh! I got my security deposit back from my old landlord, who is a crazy nasty hag, speaking of which. I don't think I've mentioned in past posts about how she just walks in one's apartment to show it without giving notice and then has the nerve to be nasty about it. Well, my security deposit was reduced $75 for the replacement of 5 lightbulbs (parts and labor included).

$75 for five light bulbs areyoueffinkiddinme? And labor? Labor to screw in an effing light bulb?

When I called her to question this, the witch hung up on me. Hung up on me.

Yeah, it was that kind of day pretty much. The cosmos was definitely not in alignment for this Aquarian. But I remain with my head held high, propped up by a nice glass of Pearl Plum vodka.


Anonymous Lara said...

Did I tell you that our landlord did a similar thing? He charged us something like $500 to repaint - and the walls were painted that way when we moved in! And also got nasty with us for being messy.

11/20/2007 2:11 PM  

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