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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Big Mouth Strikes Again.

We had a fabulously profitable Saturday at the Canary. A Woo hoo! I'm buying a reasonably fancy bottle of pinot and a cornish hen and I'm going to stuff it and eat it enjoy the end of a long well-worked day kind of day.

But there always has to be a wrinkle. Why couldn't I just keep my mouth shut? I've told the girls that I am longer dealing with customers. I will work in the back baking, doing dishes, whatever needs to be done that is not customer-me oriented. It's a stupid story that I'm blowing way out of proportion in my mind, I'm sure, but still. I was inexcusably rude to a customer for no reason. (Well, of course there was a reason in the actual moment and it felt justified for about a millisecond) but still. If. I'd. Just. Taken. A. Nice. Deep. Breath. prior to the exchange. One 20 second exchange has now made me feel quite crappy.

And to add injury to insult, SFG has a raging flu today - throwing up every 30 minutes poor guy, so no pinot/stuffed hen tonight anyway. And I'm sleeping on the couch to avoid catching the deadly virus. So I'm here with those self-flagellating thoughts until I sleep and they recede, which will allow me to catch my breath, acknowledge the err in judgement and move on.

Working the retail end of this business is not my strong suit. When a customer is nice - and 99.9% are, my job is fun. I love to chitchat, love to watch people enjoying the stuff that we make. I especially love The Regulars whose orders you already know and are bagging for them and they appreciate that. But it's that .1% that just can send my mood spinning downward and the anxiety upward. Let's just say I could never be a diplomat. I have a tendency toward snarky, which can sometimes be interpreted as a hair's breath away from abrasive and rude. Winning The Nicest Woman in Philly prize is not in the cards.

I am trying to remember the following: a) It's not as big of a deal as my brain wants me to think it to be. b)People make mistakes every day they wish they could take back. It's a part of the human condition c) Keeping this event in my mind will keep my short temper/mouth in check. So this was kind of a good thing? Another page in the big book.


Anonymous Lara said...

I am very curious to know what happened! I'm sure it was not as bad as you think, though, my friend.

11/20/2007 2:09 PM  

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