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Monday, November 19, 2007

I Was So Embarrassed I Missed Your Party.

I have gotten permission from PeopleCat to post the picture of C-Note in his blonde glamrock wig. I think he actively wanted me to post it sans black bars over the eyes. So here you go, C-Note. Cheers. Good luck with that.

Speaking of parties, I have been speaking of parties quite a bit today. First was a discussion of a New Year's Eve party at our place, which is ideal because a) we live on the river (not the river per se, but in a condo on the river) feet from the fireworks display and b) this means that I do not have to actually trek anywhere to be festive. Honestly I'd rather cook and clean up than go to someone else's place for New Year's. Isn't that sick? But anyway...

I am having a dilemma regarding the New Year's Eve party. We need a theme. We need a raison d'etre. Ideas anyone? I'm not looking for any Great Gatsby sort of affair. Though Rasputina suggested a Vicars and Tarts theme, which I adore. Not sure SFG would go for that though. I am drawing a blank. I just don't want this to be any old Bring a Cheap Box of American Beer and a Crudite Plate theme. Yawn. A pajama party also came up but that got vetoed via text within seconds of my suggesting it.

In addition..Rasputina and I settled on a date for The Canary Holiday Party today over a 1/4 bottle of Glenlivet at the end of a looong bake-y day today. December 20 it will be. At The Canary since we had such a riotous time last year. The affair will be smaller but I'm sure we'll get some stragglers from Meatman's crew (in fact we have one defector who works for me on Sundays whom we call Jman because his name begins with J and we are too lazy to make another freaking stocking with his full name on it) (but damn is he adorable. He comes and fixes stuff and does dishes during his lunchbreak at Meatman's. And he loves Gwar but we let that slide), the Turkey joint, and Circus Security to join us. Pix to follow...


Anonymous Lara said...

Have I told you how much I adore theme parties? Here are some ideas:

-Stefanie from Stefanie-Says recently hosted an absinthe party (and served what else? absinthe)
-I once attempted to host a 70's Easy Listening Party, complete with prizes for best Linda Rondstadt and Barry Manilow look-alikes. It was a total flop, but I have wanted to try again...
-Umm...I think this requires some brainstorming. At Sabrina's, perhaps?

11/20/2007 2:08 PM  
Anonymous Maria said...

How about a full masquerade where no one is supposed to know who's who?

Or a Star Wars theme. Or...

I like the vicars and tarts them. For some reason, it makes me think of a party I went to at a night club on new year, and I ended up making out with a guy who was dressed as nun (in the men's room), and I was dressed as a flapper from the 20s. He was an anesthesiologist, but I got the feeling his hobby was gynecology.

11/20/2007 5:56 PM  
Anonymous peoplecat said...

C-Note and I want to crash your NYE party. You could have the HairBall...he already has a really nice outfit for that theme.

11/20/2007 9:22 PM  
Anonymous c-note said...

Like peoplecat said, we'd like to crash your party. You wouldn't want to miss a chance to see the awesomeness that is that wig again, would ya?

11/20/2007 11:37 PM  

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