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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Brushes With Fame.

1. Chef Jurgen, one of my chef-instructors at FCI, was on Queer Eye last night! I thought I recognized that tomato tarte! He seemed much more meek than I remember him in class. "When do we take the apple galette out of the oven, Chef?' [in severe Austrian accent] 'WHEN IT'S DONE'! That dude can make anything out of marzipan. Anything.

2. I was quoted in a review of that 'disgusting yet delicious' cheesesteak bar place I mentioned a week or so ago. Anonymously, thank god, because it was a verbatim email I wrote to K about how I fished that fucker out of the garbage and ate it.

3. Someone from the Electric Factory came to The Canary today and bought cupcakes for Dave Matthews.

Unrelated: Martin Bashir is an anchor on Nightline now? WTF?


Anonymous Whinger said...

That's pretty exciting that Dave ate your cupcakes.

That sounded dirty and I didn't mean for it to.

Why are baked goods so often euphemisms?

6/29/2006 2:10 PM  

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