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Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Day at the Circus.

I took The Staff out drinking last night.

Aren't I a cool Bosslady?

We started out at Oscar's in an effort to hunt down Spidey*. Oscar's could possibly be the Diviest of Divey Bars Ever. It's got that good old Southie flair right in the heart of Center City! We ordered some "nachos", which was essentially ketchup with taco seasoning, Cheez Wiz (I don't even know how to spell it! And I ain't gonna google it either! heh!) and a few sad little pickled jalepenos atop a mountain of broken tortilla chips. On a paper plate meant to look like...wood? Anyway, The Staff got a real hoot out of Oscar's. I think they appreciated the place in the same way that one might appreciate the Burger King ad campaign.

For a change of pace, and because the "dj" (an old dude wearing a Hawaiian shirt) insisted on playing godican'tevenrememberitwassohideousijustwanttoforget, we headed of to Ludwig's, a Bavarian themed bar/brat house. We laughed, we cried. They got drunk. I left. They got more drunk.


I'm at the Circus and I just spotted Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a show I've been meaning to blog about because it's the effin' funniest show that's nobody's ever seen. I recognized him, but didn't put it together at first. I looked at him and just pointed with my mouth hanging open like a freakin' mute and he looked back at me with this expression like "Do I know YOU?" and then I laughed and smiled and nodded like "Oh, right! THAT'S who you are!" If I see him, I'll slip him a free brownie! I'm such a dork!

Addendum: I spotted Dennis again and apologized for freaking him out. He said it was weird because 'hardly anybody ever recognizes' him from the show anyway. And I gave him a brownie! Ha! Oh, and he said the season starts again June 29th. Cheers!

*Only one person who reads this blog will get it. Sorry folks.


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