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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Monkey Suit.

I finally finished sorting through the ginormous pile(s) of business papers that had been taunting me for the past month. Okay past six months but whatever. I was really hoping they'd organize and file themselves on their own, but alas. FYI: telekinesis filing doesn't work, don't even waste your energy.

I am by nature a very disorganized person. I like to stick stuff where it fits (almost fits) and where it's easily accessible. If I were a suit, my office would the one with the Redwells and file folders stacked around/on/behind/under my desk and on the guest chair (OK, maybe not the guest chair because I like visitors). You know, there's always at least one of us in every cube farm.What's the point of taking the extra time to walk to the supply cabinet, find the file folders, make labels for the file folders, put the appropriate papers in the file folders and then fight with the already completely packed file cabinet to find a space for the damn things? When you're just going need what's in those files again in three months?

Paper shuffling has never been my forte, but ahh...I can make you one killer cupcake! Dammit I. Am. An. Artiste. My highly innovative mind doesn't operate file-style; it needs room to invent, explore, and experiment. It requires chaos in order to create.

I refuse to be stifled.


Blogger Martha said...

Ugh, I still have a box of papers somewhere from my shop. Thank god I haven't been audited, and I think I can throw them out in 3 years...

4/20/2006 9:37 PM  

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