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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Tonight PeopleCat and I had our first night out for a cyberdrink at McCooligan's, our cyberbar. We haven't seen each other in years, but what's totally great is that we chat all the time on the phone, so we're still the bestest of buds even though geography has attempted to rear its ugly head in the face of our friendship. But alas! T'was not to be! We met at McCooligan's (an homage to our severely Irish Catholic home turf in Chicago) on Friendster and did an IM chat while we drank for 2 hours until Big Love came on and we realized we'd better get off the network and head toward our teevees. But the commute was great - no subways! no taxis! and really no walking! because McCooligan's was our little cyberbar in the sky, complete with cute bartender, a jukebox that was way too loud and wasabi peas in the bar mix. Can you get much better than that? And no line for the bathroom! Ha!

It was a perfect Sunday evening. The half bottle left of Mr. Laphroaig and I had our final tryst (bye bye L, Love ya! Will see you again VERY VERY SOON. xx) while Chicago-based PeopleCat and Mr. Argentinian Red Wine with a Cork! made out on the other end of the bar. And I could be completely and totally obnoxious and chairdance to The Libertines (my guilty pleasure, what can I say?) while I incessantly prattled and no one was there to pick me up and lay me down on the couch to sleep it off! Weeee! We must do this again soon!

Let me explain. [Cyberarm around PeopleCat's cybershoulder...[minor drunken tumble, but I recover],...PeopleCat and I have been friends SINCE WE WERE SEVEN. We know each other like...like...I dunno, but dammit, we know each other. [**CyberHUG PeopleCat***I luuurrrrvveee you, PC. You the MAN. Don't forget to watch Top Chef. It's waaay better than Big Love. Love Ya!]

Speaking of which, which wife are you? I think I'm Margene, but people probably see me as Barb. Fuuuckkk...I'm much more freelovin' than that!!!


Blogger PeopleCat said...

Definitely enjoyed the drink & the chat. Next time I won't eat all the snack mix. The tension is finally building in BL. I was getting stressed out watching it. As for which wife?? Even though I want to punch her--probably Nicki. Nine credit cards - she's an amateur.

4/24/2006 12:17 AM  

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